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Shifter boots E-Brake boots

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Shifter boots   E-Brake boots

Is your E-brake or Shifter boot worn or torn? We offer a top quality leather replacement in your choice of 4 different colors. Each boot comes with complete instructions for installation. Priced individually and specify which boot you wish to purchase.  Only available in black currently.


Fits all 1992 - 2010 Vipers.


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E-Brake Handle Assy

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E-Brake Handle Assy

Viper Parts USA has acquired a limited number of NEW NOS Chrysler E-Brake Handle assemblies in various colors. Replace your non functioning or worn Handle for less than the price from the Dealer.

Available in Black, Blue, or Cognac. Specify your color choice when ordering.

Fits all 1996-2002 Vipers.


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Clutch Brake Pedal Pads 1992-2002

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Clutch   Brake Pedal Pads 1992-2002

Viper Parts USA is proud to announce that the 1992 -2002 Viper Owners can replace their worn, torn or missing clutch and brake pedal pads. These are the same durometer as the originals. They fit perfect and look great too.

Sold Only In Pairs - $44.00 per pair

(2 pads)

Fits all 1992 - 2002 Vipers.


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