Battery Charger – Viper Parts USA


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The Viper Parts USA battery charger is the most advanced battery charger/maintainer on the market. Optimized for use with Optima batteries, this charger is the perfect match for the Viper, and its common long winter slumber. The regular setting is for all times of the year, but a cold temperature mode can be selected for optimal use during the winter. Outstanding Recharging Performance – The Viper is notorious for draining the battery, and this charger will bring back the battery back to life, usually within an hour. The charger uses a 4 step process to condition, maintain, and lengthen the life of your battery: Desulfation, Bulk Charge, Absorption, and Pulse. The final pulse process is what a regular battery tender does – keeping the battery at top charge without overcharging the battery. The Viper Parts USA charger, with a 5 year warranty, is the only charger you will ever need.

Fits All Year  Dodge Vipers.

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