Brake Prop Valve Kit 03-10 Dodge Viper


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This kit uses a proportioning valve installed in the rear fluid line to prevent the rear wheels from locking before the front wheels, or to give a driver the ability to make fine adjustments in front to rear bias percentage on the track to compensate for tire wear, fuel load burn-off, or changing track conditions. It is not recommended to attempt to reduce front wheel braking capacity. Rotating the adjuster knob clockwise until it is all the way in will provide full pressure delivery to the calipers. Rotating the knob counterclockwise will incrementally reduce line pressure up to 57% when the valve is fully out. Kit comes with pre-formed Master Cylinder lines, Brass line adapters, Proportioning Valve, Mounting Plate, and line distribution Tee.

Fits 03-10 Dodge Vipers.

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