Cover Cockpit 1992-02 Dodge Viper RT10


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Our cockpit cover is the exact OEM item that MOPAR discontinued years ago. This is not a “near copy” but an exact copy with all the correct logo emblems. Made of Weathershield material that will not attract dirt like nylon covers do from static electricity. This cover protects vehicle interior from rain, tree sap, bird droppings, pollutants and ultra-violet rays. It is made of lightweight, semi-waterproof and breathable WeatherShield material. Heat repellent, keeping the interior cool. Custom cut pattern installs quickly and easily. Ideal for short term parking and vehicle storage. When not in use, folds for easy compact storage in storage bag.

OEM Platinum Color

Fits all 1992 – 2002 RT-10 Dodge Vipers.

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