Cover – Technalon – 1992-2017 Dodge Viper – All Models


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Technalon®  Why simply that these are the best covers on the market!

Technalon® is a revolutionary 4-layer non-woven polypropylene fabric. Will not allow dirt to filter through. Allows for airflow but resists moisture. Won’t rot or mildew, dries quickly. For use indoor or out. Can even cushion your car against minor “dings”.

Cotton and Flannel covers allow dirt to filter through. Nylon even attracts dirt. What is the purpose of a car cover if you car gets dirty anyway?

Each cover comes embroidered with the appropriate Dodge Viper logo in your choice of colors.

Available for 1992-2017 Dodge Vipers.

Please specify car model, embroidery color and car model year when ordering.