Oil Cooler Line Kit 92-02 Dodge Viper


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These oil lines were carefully designed to replace the OEM Stainless Steel Oil Cooler Lines.  These lines are routed between the engine and oil cooler which develop failures (due to age) or chafing on chassis components in the 92-02 design. Our lines are made of the finest materials currently available.  Nascar Kevlar Aeroquip #10 line with factory crimped Eaton Corp. swivel fittings.  The swivel end fittings allow the oil lines to be relaxed under all conditions of chassis flex from aggressive track day use to everyday driving.  Aeroquip Kevlar lines are 60% lighter than braided stainless and rated at 955 psi between -94°F and 500°F (most braided stainless lines are rated to 300 degree F).  This kit includes 2 oil lines and proper fittings for the extended reach to the oil cooler.

Fits 92-02 Dodge Vipers

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