Performance Adjustable Front Sway Bar Links 92-17 Dodge Viper


Viper Parts USA is excited to announce the development of Direct replacement adjustable sway bar links for the Dodge Viper. These links allow easy pre-load adjustment of the sway bars. The adjustable link allows you to pre-load the bar for optimum handling (a balanced chassis) and minimal stress on the links themselves. Incorrect pre-load on the sway bars will cause over-steering and/or a loose-steering feel when cornering. Additionally, your OEM links and sway bar bushings will succumb to the excessive stress with premature failure.

These Adjustable links are a must for cars with altered ride height. The OEM, non-adjustable links in combination with altered ride height will produce undesirable sway bar pre-loads. Undesirable pre-load is further amplified by chassis load additions.

Viper Parts USA Performance Adjustable Sway Bar Links are sold as Front pairs and Rear Pairs, and are preassembled to OEM dimensions.

The following tests are performed to ensure the performance and quality of our sway bar links: Material Surface Crack Test
Hardness Test
Fatigue Test
Stud Breakaway Test
Stud Pull Out Test
Welding Tensile Strength Test
SAE J193 Ball Stud and Socket Assembly Test Procedures

Fits All Year Dodge Vipers

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