Performance Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Links 92-95 RT-10 Dodge Viper Only


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Viper Parts USA Performance Adjustable Sway Bar Links SnakeOyl Products™ is excited to announce the development of Direct replacement adjustable sway bar links for the Viper. These links allow easy pre-load adjustment of the sway bars. The adjustable link allows you to pre-load the bar for optimum handling (a balanced chassis) and minimal stress on the links themselves. Incorrect pre-load on the sway bars will cause over-steering and/or a loose-steering feel when cornering. Additionally, your OEM links and sway bar bushings will succumb to the excessive stress with premature failure. These adjustable links are a must for cars with altered ride height. The OEM, non-adjustable links in combination with altered ride height will produce undesirable sway bar pre-loads. Undesirable pre-load is further amplified by chassis load additions.

Viper Parts USA Performance Adjustable Sway Bar Links are preassembled to OEM dimensions.

Sold as Pairs 

Fits all 1992 – 1995 RT-10 Dodge Vipers.

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