Radiator Coolant Pressure Tank 03-10 Dodge Viper


NEW 03-10 Viper Aluminum Cooling System Surge tank. Viper Parts USA is proud to announce another industry first with its New Gen 3 cooling system surge tank. This new all aluminum cooling system surge tank (commonly refer to as overflow tanks) evolves out of customer requests, with severe Viper GT3 FIA racing needs in mind. Over the years, we have seen a need for an improved surge tank for the Vipers. This is based on the fact that the OEM tanks are under severe stress from exhaust manifold/header heat, combined with thermo expansion & contraction of the cooling system. If you could see under your hood, the plastic tank will expand & contract with engine RPM’s. Over time they start to leak and/or fail, usually on the seams, and never at a good time. Based on these failures, we redesigned the aluminum tank to have several new design benefits. First, the all aluminum constructed tank was fabricated to use the OEM style hose system and/or to upgrade the system lines to more dependable Aeroquip designed hose systems with AN specification fittings. The second improvement would allow vehicle owners to use higher pressure cooling system caps to increase the boiling point rating of the cooling system. All Viper owners know how hot the Vipers cooling system can run. The third huge engineering improvement expands the surge tanks capacity, creating a slightly larger cooling system. The cooling system will be more efficient by allowing coolant to be outside the engine and/or the radiator for a longer period of time. This leads to lowering operating temperatures and a healthy cooling system. In summary, these new surge tanks are 2nd to none or like anything on the market today for your Viper. This tank is a direct replacement tank that fits in the stock OEM location. The system benefits combined with the cosmetic additions to any engine bay offer a great value to any Viper owner.  Replaces inferior plastic OEM pressure tank, and relocates tank position away from exhaust header for easier spark plug access. ONE DNF and you will wish you had one!

Fits all 2003-2010 Dodge Vipers and Comp Coupes.

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