Transmission – 2003-2006 Dodge Viper

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Viper Parts USA now offers new transmissions as well as conversion services for rebuilding your transmission. We offer complete transmission repair and rebuild services for all years of the Viper. Since there are five different iterations of the Dodge Viper T-6060 six speed, the date of the manufacture of your vehicle is helpful. Four transmission options: 1) Rebuild for street use, we use special bronze fork tips. 2) Rebuild for street and track: this unit is assembled with the tolerances reduced to racing specifications. When used in a racing environment, temperature raises in the aluminum case quicker than in the gear sets. Aluminum expands more than steel also, which causes the internal bearing and shaft tolerances to loosen. This reduces the load capability and prevents fast shifting. Drill and tap for external cooling is an option. 3) Full Prep track unit. All of the above plus we make sure the forward gear set has oil pumped to it contributing to longer transmission life. Race style syncros and shift fork tips are used in this model. 4) Dog Ring box, this track only unit was developed during the 2007 racing season for the SCCA World Challenge Series. The box reduces shift times to half of a syncro style trans. It employs a dog and tooth style of engagement and is amazing to drive. There are no syncros so using the clutch and blipping on downshifts is necessary. Driving clutchless on upshifts is the real deal. Available with several gear set choices. Call for details.  Transmission cores are expected but not necessary. Core values can range from $100 to $1000. We sell new transmissions also.

Fits all 2003 – 2006 Dodge Vipers.

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